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TNT Hemp Farms, LLC

City:    Pueblo 

Commercial Cultivation

State:    CO 

Zip:    81007 

Sale Price:            $2,500,000

Business Details

Type of Business:         Commercial Cultivation

IRS Filing Type:           LLC

Formation Date:          03/11/2017

Corporate Standing:    Good Standing

Yearly Gross Sales:      Call for additional information

Property Details

Folio #:             NA        Property Type: Commercial

Year Built:        NA        Lot Size:        1.44 Acres

Building Size:                 8,000 Sq.Ft


Ownership:                    Owner Operated


The building is 8,000 square feet with much of space currently being utilized to cultivate. The remaining square footage is comprised of the MIPS extraction lab, clone rooms, dry rooms, cut room, processing, safe room, and office space. The building has been upgraded with all appropriate electrical phase service and sits on 1.44 acres of land which has the ability for a 10,000-square foot greenhouse with the necessary retention/drainage required for greenhouse construction and has access to city water perfect for outdoor cultivation. The building has been completely renovated by locally licensed contractors for cultivation process. The entire property is completely gated.

State of the art security system that can be accessed always from your smart phone with the download of a simple app.

Licensee: Brand Williams for Cultivation and Oil Production 


Fantastic opportunity to purchase a unique Colorado Cultivation! This is a No Till, recreational fully turnkey Tier 1 ROPC (cultivation) and RMIPS (Oil Extraction) facility with a current, active license in Pueblo County which is conducting a moratorium now and has for some time. (No more licenses are being issued) No till cannabis farming eliminates the need for input altogether by letting nature do all of the work. This saves not only time and money, but the hassle of having to worry about using potentially harmful chemicals such as pesticides or plant growth regulators which sometimes are frowned upon by the state.

Furthermore, untilled soils can be reused for years on end with almost zero input whatsoever, making this the most sustainable way to cultivate cannabis. There are only a handful of growers cultivating in this manner. It is completely organic and comprised of “Live Soil”. There is no need to replace the soil with new, it gets better with time. The soil is never disturbed. We have created a thriving soil food web. Thriving soil microbiology is teeming with all sorts of life. Fungi, bacteria, nematodes, mites, worms, protozoa, and even larger insects and animals all encompass the web of life that exists in a fully charged, untilled organic soil medium. These life forms are not only beneficial to the plants themselves by making nutrients in the soil more bioavailability, they actively control harmful pest populations such as spider mites and fungus gnats through this naturally occurring system.

Floor Plans

Document Bank

Floor Plans
Corporate Filings
Executive Summary
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