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Fighters Source Amateur MMA League

Fighters Source Amateur MMA League

Executive Produce 2020 Season

Goal:                               $2,500,000

Type of Business:          Amateur MMA League

Financials Details:   

Call for more information  305.713.5720


Fighters Source® is designed to be the “NCAA” of MMA. By cultivating the best amateur MMA Fighters worldwide. Fighters Source® is focused on developing MMA as an international sport, from the recreational level to the elite level. As amateur MMA evolves toward being an Olympic sport. Fighters Source® will be at the center of this movement, as both a showcase of future professional talent and unifying force for the sport.

Opportunity: Executive Producer for the 2020 season

“Find The Fighter in You.” More than just the show’s tagline, it is the essence of each fighter’s quest to ascend the ranks of amateur MMA. This 14-episode series follows 64 amateur mixed martial artists, from gritty local gyms and fight clubs across the U.S., as they pair off to determine which of them will be part of Team USA at the MMA World Challenge TBD at a future date.

These fighters come from backgrounds as varied as their fighting styles. From beer truck drivers to active duty military, retired marines and sheet metal workers, these fighters are from every walk of life. Some are raising children and working full time, while others are all about fighting. Some train full time, others in their spare time. There are full-time students and those with prison backgrounds trying to make a better future for their families. Others have literally been saved from street gangs by discovering the sport. Motivated, passionate, everyday people–each with a personal story our audience can relate to on multiple levels. In fact, the only thing they all have in common is the dream of becoming a MMA superstar. 

What Fighters Source also brings to the MMA audience is a new dimension: Local allegiance. Until the Fighters Source league was set in motion, MMA relied on the popularity of individual fighters to build a fan base. But, much like the evolution of every other major sport (football, baseball, etc.), playing to local ‘hometown’ allegiance centered on teams is the key to this sport continuing its growth and evolution–just as every other major sport has during its lifespan. The show is designed to hit the growing MMA audience between the eyes with  a mix of ring action, human drama, personal triumph and, of course, agonizing defeat.  

Fighters Source® League 2016 National Finals - CBS Sports Network from San Diego, California

Fighters Source® League (FSL) 2014 Season - World Challenge USA vs UK


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